Changing the face of London

See how our city is growing

London has changed significantly over the last 8 years. In a number of places this change has been truly transformational, shifting the character and raising the quality of a series of locations.
The regeneration of these locations has changed the perceptions of the city, reinvigorating town centres, rejuvenating neighbourhoods and enabling inactive sites to contribute to wider communities.

In the next 8 years, a further 10 locations will provide the opportunity to grow the capacity of Central London by expanding its fringes, revitalise social housing estates to allow them to better serve their existing residents and accommodate new housing, breathe new life into former industrial sites and create new opportunities for employment growth beyond the Central City.

By delivering innovative new developments that achieve truly mixed and integrated locations our featured places have, and will continue to, change the face of London.
Use our interactive map to explore the projects that have, and will, define this progressive capital.

Download the full Changing face of London report here.


  1. South Bank
  2. King’s Cross
  3. Nine Elms Battersea
  4. Shoreditch
  5. Stratford
  6. Barking Town Centre
  7. Lewisham
  8. Wandsworth Riverside
  9. Brentford/Chiswick
  10. White City

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